Gas oven installation repair & servicing

Gas oven installation, repair and servicing in Mirfield, Dewsbury and Huddersfield

As Gas Safe engineers CJ Heating is fully qualified to repair or service your gas oven.  Although gas ovens are far less popular than electric ones there is a lot of very good product to chose from.  If you buy a new gas oven then Chris from CJ Heating would be more than happy to install it for you.

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Pros: Gas is the cheapest fuel to cook with, so you’ll definitely save money if you cook this way. But the savings aren’t massive – there’s around a £25 annual difference between the cheapest-to-run gas oven and the most expensive electric oven.

Cons: Gas built-in ovens aren’t quite as effective as electric ovens at keeping to the set temperature and distributing heat all around the oven. Oven cooking costs Gas will always be cheaper to cook with than electricity.

Gas ovens cost around half the price of electric ovens to run

Based on using the oven five times a week, gas ovens cost around £20 a year to run and electric ovens cost around £40. The difference isn’t massive annually, but over the lifetime of your oven it might add up to around £120.

Oven heat distribution

All but the cheapest electric ovens come with fans to spread the heat around the oven. Fans are helpful because you can cut cooking times and reduce the temperature you cook at. They also make baking on two levels at once easier by circulating the heat. Most gas built-in ovens don’t have fans and heat distribution suffers because of this. But if you get to know your gas and adjust to it, you’ll be able to produce excellent results.  If your oven doesn’t appear to be heating correctly then we can fix it. Get a quote from Chris for Gas oven installation, repair and servicing.

Oven temperature control

It’s usually easier to maintain an even temperature throughout an electric oven – oven fans help to do this, as do digital thermostats, which can be set to the degree.

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