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Boiler servicing – How often does a boiler need servicing?

Boiler servicing ensures that your boiler provides your home with hot water and heating. Your boiler is a costly investment that needs looking after.

When your boiler breaks down it causes great inconvenience.

Waking up in a cold house or with no hot water is not pleasant for anyone.

The Best policy for ensuring this is an unlikely event is a simple one.

Love your Boiler, give it some TLC.

Give your boiler a chance,  it works hard all year. The easiest way to prevent and help your boiler from breaking down is by having it serviced every year.

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Regular boiler services are only likely to pay off if carried out by an experienced and qualified professional.

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Regular servicing as a preventative measure

Heating systems are quite complicated and so the best way to ensure that your boiler doesn’t let you down is to have it serviced on an annual basis.  Servicing your boiler ensures that:

Your boiler is safe to use

Gas leaks in boilers are extremely dangerous but thankfully quite rare.  Understanding that your boiler has been serviced and is safe to use, will give you peace of mind and help prevent sleepless nights.

Regular services will ensure that your boiler is working safely, as well as effectively. The peace of mind that comes with the knowledge that your boiler is safe is always well worth the price of a service.  Annual boiler servicing is highly recommended and CJ Heating have the experience and technical skills to keep your boiler running fault free, enabling you to maximise the life of your boiler.

When your boiler is efficient and helps save you money

Getting your boiler serviced regularly will help make sure that your boiler is running efficiently at all times.  An inefficient boiler will be increasing your fuel bill unnecessarily

Service costs will be covered in the long run by saving on your fuel.

Compared to old, new boilers are fabulously efficient but unless they are cared for they may soon become clogged therefore will add £’s to your heating bill.

A clogged system will need Power Flushing; a service that clears the debris from your boiler and radiators.

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