Heating repairs

Heating repairs – What to do if your central heating needs repairing?

What To Do if Your Central Heating Needs Repairing

Faulty central heating systems add unnecessary costs to your heating bill and can place your family at risk of carbon monoxide poisoning.

If you notice a problem with your central heating, get in touch with CF Heating in Mirfield straight away to book one of our fully trained engineers.

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Heating repairs – what to do when something goes wrong

Hot Water tank repairs Mirfield, Huddersfield CJ HeatingCentral heating uses a boiler to heat your home. Your boiler heats water, which is then sent to your taps or to is pumped through your radiators to heat your home.

When you notice that your heating isn’t working as it should – for instance,

  • No hot water?
  • No heating?
  • Boiler won’t start
  • Your radiators won’t heat evenly

The best remedy to a central heating problem is to book a service with a qualified engineer straight away. CF Heating engineers are fully qualified to diagnose and repair faults to your central heating system and boiler because we are CORGI registered and Gas Safe registered.

At CF Heating we have been repairing boilers and central heating systems for 40 years.

Avoid breakdowns with regular maintenance

To ensure your central heating is always working at its best, please book regular heating and boiler servicing. 

Regular servicing is essential to keep your boiler in tip-top condition. This will also help you to avoid call-out costs for an emergency breakdown. Weighing up the cost it’s cheaper to have your boiler and heating system serviced regularly, therefore, keep your heating system running as smoothly as it’s possible. Surprisingly it will also help you keep the cost of your energy bill down and will keep your system running efficiently.

We want to keep things running smoothly for you. We can book you an annual service in advance. This saves you worrying about when your service is due. It’s good to have your service before or just as you start using your system again after the lovely summer months.  We will book you into our schedule with a rough date and then give you a ring closer to the time to check when is convenient to come to your home or premisses.

It’s so simple, we agreed to do the service and from your perspective, It’s all taken care of without any worries for you.

No hidden heating repairs and costs other than what’s essential to keep your boiler and heating system in great condition.

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